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Not gonna bore you with the usual list of all the "fishing since I was a fetus" stories, my pedigrees (I have none unless born on the Bay counts), or how bad ass my new technical cArBon flats skiff is. It's not and far from new but it does the job and does it well. Going on year 17, thank you for selling it to me Tom. 

It's about the excitement that keeps us up all night contemplating what the day to come has in store. At times an obscenely early alarm. That life giving cup of coffee. Barren streets where the blinking yellow lights have yet to morph back into those damnable red ones. They mark the beginning of almost every day before the outboard jolts to life. The slow idle out of the marina full of anticipation and optimism in a fast approaching dawn.


 A routine that never gets old. I rather be doing this than anything else on the planet. Anyone that says otherwise need not apply. It's what we do and why we do it. The definition of insanity but always hoping for a different result.


The picture in the background is a testament to that. A shared victory with an old friend. It is ours together. How I came to holding that fish will never be forgotten. An amalgam of persistence, patience, and just a little luck. Ageless and uncorruptible. Every single second of it. 



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