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Charter Info/Rates

What I bring:
  • You'll be fishing aboard a Dolphin Superskiff. One of the softest, driest riding boats of it's size ever made. 

  • I'll provide all tackle, ice, flies, and/or bait. 

  • You're welcome to bring whatever gear you may want to use. Please check with me first so we can be sure your gear is set up right and adequate enough to handle what the Bay has to offer.

What you should bring:
  • A good set of polarized sunglasses are an absolute must. Preferred lens tints being amber/copper/brown or yellows.

  • Whatever you want to drink or eat.

  • Sunblock is a must.

  • A hat and breathable clothing. When the wind dies you'll be glad you did.

  • Rain gear in the summertime is also a good idea unless you want to wear my emergency glorified trash bags.

  • Most importantly, a be a positive attitude and your complete attention. This is the some of the most challenging fishing there is. Little room for error with more than plenty for failure....especially if you're Permit fishing.

  • A backcast. 

  • . Lastly, practice, practice, and more practice. You're ability to hit a small target at 20-40 feet in all sorts of wind directions in the minimal amount of time will be the most crucial ingredient to your success. I cannot stress that enough. 

Full Day  8 Hrs
1/2  Day   4 Hrs

Unless time is an issue, a full day of fishing is highly recommended for the best chance at a successful day. Many variables are in play . Tides, time of year, distances, water temp must all be taken in to account. A half day severely limits our options although with a little luck and the right conditions, a few fish can be brought to hand.


A $200 dollar deposit is required to hold your day. Cancellations may be made up to 7 days before your trip. If you cancel after 7 days up to 48 hrs before your trip your deposit will be held and may be used for a future date. Any cancellations or no shows up to 48 before your trip will require full payment. All weather cancellations will be at my discretion. Believe me, it's no fun fishing when it's crappy out and I rather not force it. But if you're willing  and it's safe to do so then GAME ON!

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